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How do I request a form if I want to prepare a Recorder's document myself?

The Recorder's office urges you to consult firms, companies, or persons familiar with the transaction to assist you.  Should this not be your choice, various forms may be purchased at stationary stores.  The responsibility to choose the correct form is yours.

How do I find out what supporting documentation is needed to record a deed or land contract?

If the document is a deed, land contract or some other type of instrument transferring land, a sales disclosure must be submitted and an endorsement by the Bartholomew County Auditor must be visible on the instrument before it can be accepted by this office.

How do I contact the recorder's office to perform a search?

The Recorder's office is required to preserve by general indices on all documents recorded by Bartholomew County.  Should you need to search for a document, we will direct you in the use of these books and computer software.  Our office is located on the second floor of the Governmental Office Building at 440 Third Street.

How do I request a copy of my land records?

You can visit the website.  Copies may be purchased through them.