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Link Fulp, R.E.H.S.,
Director Environmental

Through prevention, education and preparedness, the Bartholomew County Health Department supports the residents of the county as they pursue healthy living for themselves, their families and neighbors in the community.  The specific duties of the health department are defined by IC 16-20-1 and IC 16-20-8.

The Bartholomew County Health Department supports the residents of Bartholomew County in: disease prevention, health education, vital records, environmental health, and public health preparedness.

The Bartholomew County Health Department is divided into four divisions:

  •     Environmental Health
  •     Public Health Nursing
  •     Public Health Preparedness
  •     Vital Records


Registrar: Beth Lewis

Assistant Registrar: Johnny Zolton

E.H. Administrative Assistant: Becky Perry

Office Manager/Bookeeper: Mildred Elkins

Chief Environmental Health Specialist: Matthew Galbraith, B.A.

Environmental Health Specialist: Scott Murray, B.S.

Environmental Health Specialist: Ashley Ralston, B.S.

Environmental Health Specialist: Travis Anderson, B.A.

Environmental Health Specialist: David Cool, B.A.

Environmental Technician: Tim Reinbold

Public Health Preparedness Coordinator: Stephanie Schrougham, AAS/MA


Environmental Health

Environmental Health

The environmental division of the health department services the public's surrounding conditions through a number of programs including community health, education, food protection, housing, on-site wastewater treatment and vector abatement.


Housing Loan Inspection Fees

Water and Septic 
Septic Only
Water Only or Water Re-Sample

Mobile Retail Food Establishment Fees

July through December

On-Site Waste Water Disposal Fees

New System Permit
Repair System Permit
Minor Repair

Preliminary Certificate; Site Assessment Fees

One Lot
Each Additional Lot
Contractor Registration

Public or Semi-public Swimming Pool or Spa


Retail food establishments, permanent, or temporary

-Please call the health department for details.


Community Health

Chemical Spills and Hazardous Wastes - Work with county, state, and federal agencies on hazardous materials investigations and chemical spills.

Complaints/Investigations - Conduct a variety of miscellaneous tests and inspections including but not limited to, collecting water samples, investigating surface or ground water contamination, open burning, illegal dumping, lead paint, and asbestos. Take public complaints and document all information.

Environmental Disease - Conduct investigations of reported environmental illnesses, sample if necessary, and track all reports geographically.

Indoor Air Testing - Test for indoor air pollutants using the Draeger Hand Pump and/or other equipment in residential and commercial facilities.

Pool Inspections - Inspect all public access swimming pools for water quality to ensure against disease transmission; enforce pool safety rules.



Job Shadowing - Allow interns and students interested in the environmental field to job shadow with an environmental health specialist for the day. Participate in the Hospital's Fellowship program.

Ordinances - Develop and enforce county ordinances pertaining to public health.


Food Protection

Food Service Sanitation Programs - Present programs geared to educate those working in the food service industry in sanitary food handling techniques. Upon passing a written exam, food service workers are issued a Food Sanitation Certificate.

Inspections - Conduct biannual routine inspections and re-inspections in accordance with state and county codes. Administrative hearings are conducted for non-complying establishments.

Investigations - Investigate reported cases of food-borne illness outbreaks and public reports of code violations.

License - Issue annual retail food establishment licenses in accordance with Bartholomew County Code Title 11, Chapter 110.

Plan Review - Review all architectural plans of proposed remodeled retail food establishment for compliance with equipment and facility design criteria in accordance with 410 IAC 7-24.



Home Loan Inspections - Conduct well water and septic system inspections for the transfer of residential properties and give educational programs to realtors and lending institutions.

Minimum Standards - In accordance with Bartholomew County Code Title 15, Chapter 152 investigate reports of substandard rental housing. Issue orders of corrective action and condemn those of noncompliance.


On-site Sewage Disposal

Education - Programs and workshops are given for the public, septic contractors, builders, and realtors as needed.

Inspections- Inspect all septic system installations for compliance with Bartholomew County Code Title 5, Chapter 52, and 410 IAC 6-8.2. A diagram of the system is kept on file and a copy is issued to the owner with maintenance instructions.

Investigations- Investigate reports of malfunctioning septic systems. Take samples and check potential source with tracer dye.

Site Assessment - This document may approve or deny the use of an on-site system based on the data collected from the site evaulation.

Permits - The type of permit issued is based on the plat status of the property and whether it has been developed or not.

  • Preliminary Permits - Issued for properties that are undeveloped and going through the platting process. Will specify system requirements per bedroom.
  • Conditional Permits - Issued for properties that have an existing septic system. Most frequently, this will state that the septic system does not appear to be malfunctioning and will be repaired according to state and county codes in the event that it ever does malfuction.
  • Construction Permits - Issued for repairs or new construction of on-site wastewater treatment systems. Will specify system requirements and location.

Registration - Administer tests and educate installers on system installations so that they may be registered to install on-site wastewater treatment systems in Bartholomew County. A current list of Registered Contractors is kept on file at the office.

Site Evaluations - review certified soil analysis to ascertain the soil characteristics profile and loading rate to determine the suitability for an on-site wastewater treatment system.


Vector Abatement

Animal Bite Reporting - Report and track all warmblooded animal bite incidents in accordance with state and county codes.

Education - Educate citizens through multimedia public service announcements, newspaper articles, brochures, and school and public presentations.

Investigation/Identification - Investigate all vector reports and issue corrective orders for arthropod and rodent investigations. Identify specimens for the public and participate in the Ball State University and State Department of Health tick programs.

Mosquito Control - Conduct routine surveys to identify mosquito harborages and provide follow-up with larvaciding control measures. Conduct a ULV application of adulticide in areas historically proven to have large populations of adult mosquitoes.


Public Preparedness

Public Health Preparedness

Public Health Preparedness - a section of the county office that works alongside federal and state organizations to assure the most efficient and professional response possible to outbreaks of disease or other biological disasters through either nature or man-made circumstances.


The Bartholomew County Health Department is seeking volunteers who want to assist our public health and healthcare systems during an event or disaster.  Interested volunteers may register at www.serv-in.org. Although healthcare volunteers are encouraged to register, a background in healthcare is not required to become a volunteer.


SERV-IN Registration Steps:
1) Visit the SERV-IN website, www.SERV-IN.org.

2) Click on "Register Now".

3) Complete the online application. Your status will be "pending" until you are accepted in the Bartholomew County Health Department volunteer group.

4) New volunteers may be contacted to determine interests and match you with a role. Call-down drills are conducted biannually to confirm accuracy of contact information.

Vital Records

Vital Records


Adoptions - Change birth records to process Adoption orders.

Birth and Death Statistics - Prepare and report records of all births and deaths that occurred in Bartholomew County to the Indiana State Department of Health. Also prepare a monthly death report for the County Auditor, County Clerk, and other agencies. Statistics are available concerning various aspects of births and deaths in the county.

Birth Records - Record and issue certified copies of birth certificates for a person born in Bartholomew County.

Burial-Transit Permits - Issue a permit for disposition of human remains prior to any type of disposition of a body and prior to removing a body from this county.

Death Records - Record and issue certified copies of death certificates for a person whose death occurred in Bartholomew County.

Genealogy - Birth and death records have been recorded since 1882. Genealogy information is available to the public.

Legitimation - Legitimize records by Paternity Affidavit upon Marriage.

Paternity - Change records as required by court order determining parentage. No fee if ordered by the court.

Record Changes - Amend records as required by the Indiana State Department of Health and requests from individuals as approved by this department.


Ordering Certificates

Copies of certified birth certificates are available to the person named on the certifcate and immediate family members with proper identification. We have birth records from 1882-present.

Copies of certified death certificates are available to immediate family members of the deceased and to those that can show proof of having direct interest in the record with proper identification. We have death records from 1882-present.

If you live in Bartholomew County, and want to request a birth or death certificate for someone who was born or died outside of Bartholomew County, including out of state, please go to www.vitalchek.com, or you may contact our office and we may be able to provide a phone number or address for you to contact other local state health departments.

If you live outside of Bartholomew County and would like to obtain a certified birth or death certificate for someone who was born or died in Bartholomew County, please follow these instructions:


Birth and Death Certificates can be ordered at www.vitalchek.com.


By Mail:

Please print and complete an application located in the "forms" section and mail to this department, along with a copy of identification, and check or money order made out to:

Bartholomew County Health Department

440 Third St., Ste. 303

Columbus, IN 47201



Birth Certificates

Regular-Sized with plastic sleeve


Death Certificates

Certified Copy of Death Certificate



Paternity Affidavit

Paternity Affidavit upon Marriage

Affidavit of Amendment

Copy of Paternity Affidavit







Valid Driver's License or State ID required for personal checks.


Environmental Records

Food Protection

Onsite Sewage System
Swimming Pool Information
Temporary Food Events Information

Certification Applications

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