Terms of Use Statement

The Terms of Use Statement henceforth outlined pertain to services, information, and all intellectual property covered on the Bartholomew County, Indiana website, located at Bartholomew.in.gov.  Please read and understand these terms prior to exercising the rights outlined within them.  By accessing any and all content on the site, you have agreed to these terms and that all actions will remain in compliance to said terms; failure to do so may result in legal action.  Bartholomew County Government reserves the right to update or alter the Terms of Use Statement at any time, without prior notice.


All content conveyed through this website is expressly copyrighted by Bartholomew County Government and no portion of its content may be reproduced, copied, modified, or adapted without prior consent from the Bartholomew County Office of Commissioners, exempting all work and media for which prior consent was obtained for use on this site from a third party; such content remains the copyright of its original owner. 

Limited Right to Use

Barring content released through standing and practiced law, the accessing or downloading of any and all content from Bartholomew.in.gov grants limited, nonexclusive authorization solely for personal use.  Such a restricted license of use includes, but is not limited to, prohibiting the re-publication, distribution, assignment, sublicensing, selling, or incorporation of content into public, for profit retrieval systems.   

Unlawful Purposes

Use of Bartholomew.in.gov brings an express agreement that any information or services received will not be used for unlawful purposes.  Bartholomew County reserves the right to deny access to, or to initiate the prosecution of, any person found to be in violation of this section.

Third Party Sites

Bartholomew County has provided web links and references to other not-for-profit sites maintained by third parties, otherwise understood as a third party site.  All such relationships to these sites have been established solely for convenience and supplemental informational value.  Bartholomew County does not control or procure content for these entities and their established orientation on Bartholomew.in.gov does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of moral or ethical standing in either business or information dissemination by Bartholomew County, expressed or implied.   Any association or activities with such third party sites are governed through terms and conditions which have been established on that site.  Such interaction with third party sites represents an assumed risk and under no circumstances is the Bartholomew County Government liable for damages as a result of transactions or their use of rendered information.  

Monitoring Policy

Bartholomew County Government is under no obligation to monitor access to Bartholomew.in.gov, but reserves the right at all times to engage in the monitoring of all shared content.  All imparted information directly to, or using the site as intermediary, is subject to monitoring.  Monitoring of the information may be subject to, but not limited to, recording, copying, or examination for use in authorized capacities in accordance with Bartholomew County Government Policies; Bartholomew County may also refuse to post or remove content, in whole or part, based on its own discretion.  Additionally these policies include the automatic right to disclose any information necessary to satisfy any legal, regulatory, or governmental request.  The use of Bartholomew.in.gov constitutes consent for such monitoring.


Bartholomew County enjoys and carefully considers all forms of commentary regarding its website, offices, programs, and services.  By making a submission to the site (including original ideas, suggestions, notes, concepts or materials), the person making the submission expressly and impliedly agrees that such submitted material shall become the property of Bartholomew.in.gov and shall remain so under intellectual property law, including all known subsequent submissions worldwide.  The submission of all referenced material likewise constitutes the consent to unrestricted use of the same by the Bartholomew County Government and the relinquishment by the person making the submission of all right to receive compensation for such submissions. 

Any person making a submission expressly covenants and agrees that he/she is authorized to make the submission that Bartholomew.in.gov may rely on said submission as proof of that authority and that said person agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bartholomew.in.gov and Bartholomew County Government from all claims, losses, or damage arising out of any unauthorized submission.