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Michelle Cox

The Department of Technical Code Enforcement of Columbus/Bartholomew County is responsible for assuring that all construction meets minimum health and life standards, building codes and zoning requirements as specified or referenced in the Ordinances of Bartholomew County and the City of Columbus, Indiana.

The department issues permits for a variety of activities (including commercial and residential new construction, remodeling and swimming pools), reviews building plans, assigns addresses, answers requests for information on zoning, code requirements, flood plain coverage and number and type of permits issued. Code Enforcement is also responsible for fire inspections of businesses, schools and other public buildings located out of the city limits. We also investigate nuisance complaints and zoning violations outside of the city limits.


Asst. Chief Code Enforcement Officer: Brian Thompson


Commerical Building Inspector: Levi Brown

Residential Building Inspector: Chad Stevens

Residential Building Inspector: Randy Hundley

County Fire Inspector: Gene Wever

Zoning Enforcement Officer: Tony Darnall


Office Manager: Holly Harris

Permit Clerk: Robin Klakamp

Permit Clerk: Amy Rixmann


Permits & Applications

About Permits

The following items may be required by The Department of Technical Code Enforcement prior to the issuance of the permit:

  •     One set of construction plans, including floor plan, wall detail, engineered truss detail, and material list
  •     Site plan showing location of structure and/or improvements, other structures, property lines and dimension, easements and setbacks
  •     Health Department release for septic systems, if applicable
  •     Driveway permit from state or county highway department, if applicable
  •     State Design Release for commercial work
  •     Zoning Compliance Certificate from Planning Department

Please contact our office for the specific items required for your project.

The "Building Code of Bartholomew County, Indiana", and the "Building Code of the City of Columbus, Indiana", both state:

"A permit shall be obtained before beginning construction, alteration or repair of any building or structure, the cost of which exceeds Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00), using the forms furnished by the Department of Technical Code Enforcement".

If you are thinking of making additions, improvements or alterations to your home or property, a permit is required for most improvements, including but not limited to:

  •     New Residential and Commercial Buildings
  •     Modular Homes and Mobile Homes
  •     Sheds and Storage Buildings
  •     Attached or Detached Garages
  •     Swimming Pools (in ground and above ground)
  •     Room Additions and Sun Rooms
  •     Decks, Porches and Carports
  •     Electrical Service upgrades
  •     Kitchen and Bath remodels
  •     Roofing, Siding and Window replacement
  •     Storage Tanks, Demolition and House Moving
  •     Permanent or Temporary Signs


New Homes; New Accessory Buildings (larger than 200 square feet); In-ground swimming pools; and Above ground swimming pools constructed on lots less than two (2) acres are Required to have a Site plan certified by a Registered Land Surveyor.



Permit Applications and Signoff Sheets

Certificate of Completion and Compliance (8557 downloads) Popular #
Commercial Building Permit Application (6921 downloads) Popular #
Commercial Building Permit Application packet updated 10 1 2022 (1099 downloads) Popular #
Commercial Building Permit Required Items (6487 downloads) Popular #
Demolition Permit Application (6387 downloads) Popular #
Electrical Permit Application (6790 downloads) Popular #
Electrical Signoff (6625 downloads) Popular #
Energy Code Compliance Certification (4579 downloads) Popular #
Exhaust Hood Signoff (4349 downloads) Popular #
Fire Alarm Signoff (1731 downloads) Popular #
Fire Suppression Signoff (4728 downloads) Popular #
HVAC Permit Application (5745 downloads) Popular #
Mechanical Signoff (5404 downloads) Popular #
Owner Occupant Signoff (5151 downloads) Popular #
Plan Authentication Affirmation (4861 downloads) Popular #
Plumbing Signoff (5569 downloads) Popular #
Plumbling & Sprinkler Permit Application (6207 downloads) Popular #
Residential Application (1847 downloads) Popular #
Residential Building Permit Application packet updated 10 1 2022 (1382 downloads) Popular #
Residential Construction Details & Materials (7753 downloads) Popular #
RESIDENTIAL PERMITS required info 081501 (1873 downloads) Popular #
Sign Permit Application Packet (6342 downloads) Popular #
Swimming Pool & Spa Permit Application (6751 downloads) Popular #

Permit Fees






Inspection Information

All inspections require 24-hour advance scheduling. All scheduling must be made by calling the office at 812-379-1535. Inspections may be phoned in until 5 PM the day before the inspection is needed. Please call the office with any questions. General information is as follows (more information on Residential and Commercial Inspections can be found in the documents at the bottom of the page):

Footing: Inspections are required before concrete is poured. Footing Inspections must be scheduled through the office the day before the inspection is needed. Then, on the morning of the inspection, phone the office between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM to schedule a time for the inspector to inspect the footing that day (between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM). You will need to provide the permit number, location and time you wish to have the inspection.

Under-slab: Inspections are required before placing fill. All mechanicals must be exposed.

Basement Foundation: Inspection is required before backfill. The drainage tile, gravel, insulation, damp-proofing, anchor bolts and sill plates must be in place.

Crawl-Space Foundation: Inspection is required before backfill. The drainage tile, gravel, insulation, anchor bolts, sill plates and sump pit must be in place. The crawl must also be properly graded.

Rough-In Inspection: Includes frames, firestop, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, completed roof, and manufactured fireplaces. Electrical service should be ready for meter installation.

Final Inspections: All fees and fines must be paid before final inspection will be scheduled. Do not occupy before this inspection

Inspectors have all day to make requested inspections, but will try to accommodate specific circumstances if possible.

Inspection List:




Electrical Rough Only


Air Conditioning Rough Only


Footer Pole Barn


Electrical Service Change     


Final Mechanical




Electrical Mobile Home


Sprinkler Rough Only


Framing Only


Swimming Pool/Hot Tub


Sprinkler Final


Fireplace / Flues


Final Electric






Plumbing Under Slab Only






Plumbing Rough Only


Rough All Trades


Final Building


Final Plumbing


Above Ceiling


Temporary Electrical Service    


Heating Rough Only


Final Inspection


Electrical Underground Only


Heating Underslab Only



Inspection Information

Commercial Inspection Information (5531 downloads) Popular #
Residential Inspection Information (6606 downloads) Popular #

Licensing Information

Electrician Licensing

As a cooperative effort between jurisdictions offering licenses for electrical contractors, several area departments have standardized the testing requirements for the licenses. Individual licenses may still be required, but the necessity for retaking tests will be eliminated and qualifying for a license may now be simplified. Each jurisdiction may have individual requirements for a license and some jurisdictions only offer a Master Electrician license. Check with each jurisdiction in which you wish to be licensed for their available types of license. The minimum passing score for these examinations is seventy five percent (75%).


Bartholomew County will offer only a Master Electrician license, which allows holders to perform work on all types of commercial and residential (class 1&2) structures.


The following file should provide you with the necessary information for taking the examinations. If any questions arise about Bartholomew County Licensing, please feel free to call or use the Contact Us along the top menu.  You can also find additional information about Electrical Licensing and application for renewal in our Form Center Below.


Electrical License Renewal Form (5479 downloads) Popular #
Employee License Renewal Form (2961 downloads) Popular #
Master Electrician Exam Information (2824 downloads) Popular #

Current Codes

Current Indiana Codes

Below is a partial list of the Indiana Codes

A complete listing of the codes and the Indiana Amendments to the codes are available by cicking here.

General Administrative Rules: (675 IAC 12)

2014 Indiana Building Code: (675 IAC 13-2.6)
2012 International Building Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective December 1, 2014

2020 Indiana Residential Code: (675 IAC 14-4.4)
2018 International Residential Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective December 26, 2019

2012 Indiana Plumbing Code: (675 IAC 16-1.4)
2006 International Plumbing Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective December 24, 2012

2009 Indiana Electrical Code: (675 IAC 17-1.8)
2008 National Electrical Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective August 26, 2009

2014 Indiana Mechanical Code: (675 IAC 18-1.6)
2012 International Mechanical Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective December 1, 2014

2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code: (675 IAC 19-4)
2009 International ECC and ANSI/ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Standard with Indiana Amendments, Effective May 6, 2010

Indiana Swimming Pool, Spa and Water Attraction Code: (675 IAC 20-1.1), Effective April 24, 2011

2014 Indiana Fire Code: (675 IAC 22-2.5)
2012 International Fire Code with  Indiana Amendments, Effective December 1, 2014

2014 Indiana Fuel Gas Code: (675 IAC 25-3)
2012 International Fuel Gas Code with Indiana Amendments, Effective December 1, 2014

Code Books
Code books can be obtained through the International Code Council (ICC) (800-786-4452) or the Architectural Center Bookstore (317-634-3871).



The City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department provides both long-range community planning and current development review services for the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County.  Specific information, updates, and public notices can be seen through the City of Columbus' website.


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