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Bartholomew County Animal Control is charged with the care, management and enforcement of the laws and ordinances regarding animal-related issues.  We promote responsible pet ownership, aid in the housing and care for abandoned and roaming domestic pets, investigate animal neglect and bite complaints, and encourage the adoption of pets in an effort to ensure the safety of the citizens and pets alike in our community.


When to Call

If you encounter a stray animal, you can call Bartholomew County Animal Control to come and pick up the animal. We strongly suggest that you call us if the animal has not left your property within 24 to 48 hours. This will help ensure the animal's health and safety, and will give it the best possible chance of being returned to its owners or finding a new home.
If you have not contacted us to have the stray animal picked up after three weeks, the animal is considered to be your responsibility. As your first responsibility for your new pet, we urge you to have them spayed or neutered. This will help with your pet's health in the future and will help cut down on pet overpopulation.




If the animal is aggressive or appears to be injured, do not try and look for identification on the animal’s collar! Call Bartholomew County Animal Control, and we will assess the situation before deciding on the best course of action.


Violations & Fines

Violations Fines

Below is the chart of fines as noted under the Penalty section of the ordinance.  Please refer to the Penalty section of the ordinance for more detail in regards to payment of fines and violations.

Violation Topic Fine 
Section 92.03 Licensing  As Provided By Indiana Law
Section 92.04 (a) At Large  $20.00
Section 92.04 (b) Confinement    $20.00
Section 92.04 (c) Vicious Animal  $20.00
Section 92.04 (d) Noise   $20.00
Section 92.04 (e) Confinement   $35.00
Section 92.04 (f) Trespass   $20.00
Section 92.04 (g) Bite/Injury   $20.00
Section 92.05 (a) Food/Shelter  $35.00
Section 92.05 (b) Ill Treatment   $35.00
Section 92.05 (c) Abandonment   $35.00
Section 92.05 (d) Beating   $35.00
Section 92.05 (e) Poision   $35.00
Section 92.05 (f) Death   $35.00
Section 92.05 (g) Wild Animal   $15.00
Section 92.06 Rabies   $35.00
Section 92.07 Impoundment   $35.00


Enacted Ordinances


Bartholomew County is authorized to impose restrictions on animals in accordance with IC 36-8-2-5.  Chapter 92 of the Bartholomew County Code of Ordinances details such restrictions in the following sections:

Licensing of dogs and cats


Animal care regulations

Rabies control






How Do I...

How do I report animal abuse?

If the location is within the county limits, contact Bartholomew County Animal Control.  If it is within city limits, contact the City Animal Care Services

How do I report animal control/care issues, if I live in an incorporated town?

Incorporated towns such as Clifford, Edinburgh, Elizabethtown, Hartsville, and Jonesville, have Town Marshalls or use their police officers for animal control duties. The Town Marshalls or police officers should be contacted first with any animal-related issues. The incorporated town of Hope and the City of Columbus have their own Animal Control officers.