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  Bartholomew County Animal Control




The Bartholomew County Animal Control Office is charged with the management and enforcement of the laws and ordinances pertaining to animal control issues. We promote responsible pet ownership, aid in the housing and care for abandoned and roaming domestic pets, investigate animal neglect and bite reports, and encourage the adoption of pets in efforts to ensure the safety of citizens and pets alike in the community.


Bartholomew County provides a staff of three employees including a full-time Director of Animal Control and two part time staff members.


                                                                                                           Dean Satterfield

                                                                                                           Director of Animal Control





When to Call

Call the Bartholomew County Animal Control line if you encounter a stray animal. We encourage to report the stray animal quickly especially if it has not left your property within 24 to 48 hours. Prompt attention will help ensure the animal’s health and safety and will provide the best possible chance of it being returned to the owner or finding the animal a new home.

Do not attempt to approach or handle the animal if it appears to be aggressive or injured. Call the Animal Control line and we will assist to determine the best course of action.


Weekends and after hours will be serviced on an emergency case bases only


DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY IN DANGER by attempting to manage a stray animal.




Violations & Fines

Violations Fines

The Bartholomew County Animal Control Office will work to find resolution for circumstances to assure best effort is given to promote the safety of citizens and the wellbeing of the animals.

The Bartholomew Animal Control Officer, Bartholomew County Health Department, or any member of the Sheriff’s Department may issue notice of violation in accordance with SECTION VI. ENFORCEMENT of County Ordinance 2021-06 to provide notice of violations and/or enforcement of local requirement pertaining to the keeping of animals in Bartholomew County.

Notices will be issued as follows.

  1. An official written warning or notice of ordinance violation will be issued.
  2. An official written notice of ordinance violation with penalty/fine will be issued.

Fines may be issued as outlined in the following chart when it is necessary to enforce local requirements in accordance with Bartholomew County Ordinance 2021-06 “THE KEEPING OF ANIMALS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS THEREOF”.

Topic Fine 
Licensing  As Provided By Indiana Law
At Large  $100.00
Confinement    $100.00
Vicious Animal $100.00
Noise  $100.00
Trespass  $100.00
Bite/Injury  $100.00
Food/Shelter $100.00
Ill Treatment  $100.00
Abandonment  $100.00
Beating  $100.00
Poision  $100.00
Death  $100.00
Wild Animal  $100.00
Rabies  $100.00
Impoundment  $100.00


Enacted Ordinances





How Do I...

How do I report animal abuse or situations involving a stray domesticated animal?


Within Bartholomew County Limits, contact Bartholomew County Animal Control at 812-372-1935.


Within Columbus City Limits, contact the City Animal Care Services at 812-376-2505

OR visit https://www.columbus.in.gov/animal-care-services/ for more information.


Within incorporated towns (Clifford, Edinburgh, Elizabethtown, Hartsville, Hope, and Jonesville), report concerns to the Town Marshall, police officers, or local animal control officers.


Helpful Resources

Bartholomew County is proud to partner with the Bartholomew County Humane Society to help assure the safety of our citizens and the wellbeing of the animals in our community. See the link below to find more information on how to support animals needing care in our community.