GIS Technician

Bartholomew County Indiana is currently looking for a qualified GIS Technician. This position is responsible for creating digital plat maps, maintains and updates the Bartholomew County GIS system, researches plats, deeds, book and page numbers and other property records to complete plat maps, and will work in the field as a Survey Crew member at least 2 days a week.


Minimum requirements for this position are:
• An Associate’s Degree or higher in Land Surveying
• At least 1-year experience in land surveying
• Working knowledge of Auto CAD
• Ability to enter property information and prepare plat maps accurately
• Working knowledge of plats, deeds, surveys, legal descriptions, highway plans, and other property records
• Ability to research records, recognize discrepancies, and prepare plat maps
• Ability to operate state of the art field survey equipment and hand/power tools, including transits, levels, total station, data collector, GPS equipment, steel surveyors, tape measure, rods, jackhammers, shovels, picks and saws.


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Drug Program


This is a new and unique opportunity in Bartholomew County. We are looking for someone with the desire to create a full drug treatment program within our jail to help people move forward in their lives. If you are looking to put your talents to use developing a new program from scratch and see the results you create, this may be for you. The position will require you to counsel inmates away from the general population and help them with their addiction, find jobs, develop life skills, parenting skills, leadership development, communication skills, and family education. You will be using your skills and experience to create, develop, and implement a program from the beginning stages. There will also be opportunities for you to reach out to provide education programs.



Maintains appropriate policies and procedures for JATP, maintaining strong professional ethics and knowledge, while understanding and complying with legal and ethical principles of the criminal justice system and social work/counseling ethics.


Assists with the development, implementation, and maintenance of the evidence based programming which includes cognitive behavioral therapy programing that focuses on: life skills, parenting skills, leadership development, communication skills, job preparation, after care plan and family education.


Provides therapeutic assessments, case management plans, after care plans and discharge summaries in compliance with professional standards on each JATP participant. Assists with data collection and research as needed.


Provides appropriate individual counseling to the JATP participants. Follows through with individual counseling, while following ethical and professional standard, and provide appropriate documentation on each individual in compliance with case management plans. Will participate in regular clinical supervision.


Completes all necessary paperwork for interaction with participants including, but not limited to, assessments, progress notes, treatment plans, reviews of progress, release of information and aftercare plans.


Provides group counseling for JATP that is based on cognitive behavioral therapy programming that promotes the goals and objectives of the program and provides individual and group counseling with scope of practices.


Implements and maintains monthly family education programing for participants, significant others and family to provide information about substance abuse, cognitive behavioral therapy programming, JATP and community resources in conjunction with the Court Services, Jail Staff, and the Judge, as appropriate.


Assists with the implementation and maintains monthly alumni program for JATP participants, incorporating program objectives and promoting rehabilitation and accountability.


Works effectively with other treatment providers, and Court Services to assure appropriate JATP counseling and programming occurs on a timely scheduled basis.


Maintains professional standards in all communications, confidentiality, dress code and ethics. Provides model of responsible behavior for JATP participants, court participants and all other community and job-related contacts.


Maintains a working knowledge of counseling, criminal justice and court ethical standards. Work with the courts, Court Services Director, and JATP Director to assure ethical standards are followed and incorporated into policies, procedures and daily activities.


Participates in community education programs, including school presentations, and community interactions with JATP in coordination with Court Services.


Communicates effectively with Jail Commander while following chain of command and assures JATP and participants are in compliance with all jail policies.


Maintains professional relationships with other JATP Counselors and communicates effectively to promote the objectives of JATP and other specialized Court Programs.


Participates in future program development, including coordination of services with Court Services, Courts, and the Jail Commander.


Meets regularly with the Judge, Court Services Director, and others are directed by the Courts to assure JATP program objectives and substance abuse issues are addressed effectively within Court’s resources.


Maintains a working knowledge base and incorporates special issues with substance abuse into program. Participate in continuing education and trainings in compliance with licensure and Program Director.


Performs related duties as assigned and/or required by law.

Master of Science in Social Work or equivalent social services discipline from an accredited graduate school with minimum of three (3) years post graduate work experience.


Possession of State licensure as one of the following LCSW, LPC, LCAC, CADAC, and certification as an addiction specialist.


Ability to comply with all employer and department hiring requirements, including passage of a drug test.


Expertise knowledge in addiction treatment methods, and ability to function in and facilitate a variety of treatment modalities, including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy and multi-family group therapy.


Working knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy programming, with emphasis place on effective assessment, treatment planning and development of aftercare plans.


Working knowledge of leadership skills with high level of initiative and the ability to work as a liaison with other counselors, case managers, community resources, and Court Services in coordination with Court program goals and objectives.


Thorough knowledge of standard policies and practices of Probation operations, with ability to accurately complete required reports, make recommendations to the Court, and apply and adapt procedures as cases demand.


Thorough knowledge of local, state and federal laws applicable to Department operations, with the ability to apply and enforce regulations as needed.


Working knowledge of standard office procedures and department computer software programs. The ability to apply such knowledge to a variety of interrelated processes, tasks and operations.


Working knowledge of Standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the ability to prepare correspondence and written reports with established deadlines.


Knowledge of basic filing systems and the ability to create and maintain accurate and complete department files and records.


Knowledge of budget and grant writing administration and ability to perform arithmetic calculations to assist in preparation of budget and grant applications, as required.


Ability to operate standard office equipment, such as a computer, calculator, fax machine, copier and scanner.


Ability to effectively communicate orally and in a written manner with co-workers, other county departments, lawyers, judges, program participants, outside treatment agencies, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversity and disabilities.


Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information and records according to State requirements.

Ability to comply with all employer and department policies, including but not limited to, attendance, safety, drug-free workplace and personal conduct.


Ability to competently serve the public with diplomacy and respect, including occasional encounters with irate/hostile persons.


Ability to effectively interview and work with individuals to examine histories, determine appropriate program conditions/treatment levels, coordinate schedules, verify compliance and assist with completion of all program requirements.


Ability to understand, memorize, retain and carry out oral and written instructions and present findings in oral or written form.

Ability to compare or observe similarities and differences in data, people and things, compile, collate or classify data, analyze and evaluate data, and make determinations based on data analysis.


Ability to compute, perform arithmetic operations, such as measuring, figuring and tabulating test/survey results, developing operating budget or determining charges.


Ability to work alone with minimum supervision and with others in a team environment.


Ability to work on several tasks at the same time and work rapidly for long periods of time, often under time pressure.


Ability to apply knowledge of people and/or locations, and plan and layout assigned work projects.


Ability to regularly work extended hours, and occasionally travel out of town for training, sometimes overnight.


Ability to occasionally respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis.


Possession of a valid Indiana driver’s license and a demonstrated safe driving record.


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Food Service Worker




Bartholomew County


The cook prepares meals for Bartholomew County Jail and Residential Center. This position is responsible for but not limited to: preparation of 830 +/- meals a day, assisting with the cleanliness of the kitchen, equipment and other related duties as assigned.

o 80/20 Health Insurance
o Twelve(12) vacation days after one year
o Six (6) sick days yearly
o Six (6) personal days yearly
o Floating County Holidays yearly (average of ten (10)
o Various other insurance you may purchase, eyes, dental, etc.
o PERF retirement, County contributes 3% of annual salary


o High School Diploma or equivalent
o Valid Indiana Driver’s License
o Must possess excellent communication skills
o Be efficient in multi-tasking
o Must retain any certifications held when hired and any received during employment
o Must pass pre-hire drug test
o Must pass polygraph examination
o Adhere to Department policies and procedures
o Available for any shift, including weekends and Holidays
o $28,178.54 TO $30,178.46




Bartholomew County


The cook prepares meals for Bartholomew County Jail and Residential Center. This position is responsible for but not limited to: preparation of 830 +/- meals a day, assisting with the cleanliness of the kitchen, equipment and other related duties as assigned.
Up to 28 hours a week.

$12.00 TO $13.49

Emergency 911 Dispatcher

The Bartholomew County 911 Emergency Operations Center has a current opening for a Full-Time Emergency 911 Dispatcher.
Emergency 911 Dispatchers are Public Safety Professionals with the primary assignment of performing work in the protection of life and property through emergency communications.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers are required to:

     • Answer incoming emergency telephone communication lines and acquire pertinent information for dispatching emergency response groups.
     • Dispatch appropriate police, fire, rescue and emergency medical response agencies to emergency situations.
     • Provide medical instructions (as needed) prior to the arrival of medical personnel.
     • Manage radio communications.
     • Operate a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD).
     • Maintain the status of all police units, emergency response agencies and command personnel during emergency situations.
     • Maintain appropriate certifications.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers must:
     • Be calm and even-tempered
     • Be decisive
     • Be able to process incomplete information, quickly assess the situation and provide an appropriate response of emergency agencies
     • Be able to work independently and as part of a team
     • Be assertive, professional, self-confident and mature
     • Have exceptional speaking and listening skills
     • Be dependable and reliable

Emergency 911 Dispatchers Tier 1 beginning pay (5 Tiers):
     • Tier 1: (2017) $31,024 - $35,024

     • Vacation Days/Personal Days/Comp. Days/Sick Days/Holidays
     • Premium Shift Pay for 2nd & 3rd Shifts (Additional $1.25/hour)
     • Insurance
     • Job Security

Interested Applicants must:
     • Must submit to a written typing test, basic skills computer test, and a basic listening skills test
     • Pass a criminal history check, background investigation, polygraph examination and drug screen
     • Be available to work 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts
     • Work every other weekend


To apply, please send resume to

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