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Bartholomew County Council
April 9, 2019

The County Council is comprised of seven (7) elected officials who are defined as the county's fiscal body in IC 36-2-3.  The Council members are divided into four (4) districts and three at-large positions, elected to staggered four (4) year terms.

The council has the ultimate decision-making power regarding fiscal affairs. This body has the authority to view or review fiscal matters, determine proper policy, and set priorities for the allocation and expenditure of county funds. The General Assembly determines the powers of the county council in this area. Their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Approving and fixing annual operating budgets of all county government offices and agencies {IC 36-2-5-7}
  • Establishing salaries, wages, per diems, and other compensation for all county officials and employees {IC 36-2-5-3}
  • Fixing tax rates and establishing levies on all county property for the purpose of raising funds to meet budget requirements in conducting county business {IC 36-2-5-11}, as well as authorizing the borrowing of money in the form of bonds and notes {IC 36-2-6-18}
  • Appropriating public funds, i.e., authorizing the expenditure of county money by particular officials or departments for specific purposes {IC 36-2-5-11 and IC 36-2-5-12}


Council Members


Scott Bonnell

Scott Bonnell (R), District 1

440 3rd St. Ste 102
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812-376-9275



Laura DeDomenic

Laura DeDomenic (R), District 2

440 Third St. Ste 102
Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-350-7283



Mark Gorbett

Mark Gorbett (R), District 3

440 Third St. Ste 102
Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-342-9989


Jorge R. Morales

Jorge R. Morales (R), District 4

6024 Leatherback Dr. 
Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-342-3669


Evelyn S. Pence

Evelyn S. Pence (R), At Large

5640 Goeller Rd.
Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-342-7423 



Matt Miller - President

 Matt Miller

440 Third St. Ste 102
Columbus, IN 47201

Phone: 812-342-9989


William Lentz

 William Lentz (R), At Large

3990 E. 750 N.
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812-587-5278 


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