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The Clerk of the Circuit Court is an elected position authorized by Article 6, Section 2 of the Indiana Constitution and serves a four (4) year term.  The Clerk has a wide range of duties covering areas including the collection of court payments and record keeping, voter registration, child support payments, and the issuance of various licenses and certificates.  Detailed duties for the Clerk are found in IC 33-32-2, General Powers and Duties; IC 33-32-3, Record Keeping Duties; IC 3-7-27 Voter Registration; IC 33-32-4, Child Support Payments; and IC 33-32-5, Marriage Licenses and Distress Sales.

The Voter Registration office reports directly to the Clerk of Circuit Court.  The duties and responsibilities of this department are defined in IC 3-7-27.  A statewide voter registration system (SVRS) was implemented in 2006 to maintain a shared and consistent electronic database across all 92 counties.  This system is linked to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security Administration databases and also exchanges data with the Indiana Department of Corrections to assist this office in maintaining accurate voter registration information.


Chief Deputy: Dustin Renner

Office Manager: Julie Robertson

Supervisor of Voter Registration and Elections: Shari Lentz

Supervisor of Child Support: Debra Settle



Marriage License

State Archives

In August 2017, the Clerk's office transferred many old probate, civil, criminal order and other misc books to the Indiana State Archives building, 6440 E. 30th St, Indpls., IN  46219.  Below are instructions for those who wish to inquire about or see which books are there and how to go view the books if so desired.


HOW TO GO AND SEE BOOKS:  For those who want to go and do their own research, there is a patron services email you can use to make sure records in question are there and set up a time to go view them.  That email address is:

ONLINE CATALOG:  IN State Archives has a new online catalog, that individuals can use to see which Bartholomew County books are located at the facility: http://www.researchIndiana.iara.in.gov

You can search every container, record series, and entity type. If you go to “Search for Entities” and search for Bartholomew County Clerk in the keyword search, you should be able to find this page: https://www.in.gov/iara/3259.htm?id=809. The series drop down menu shows all of the different record series from the Bartholomew County Clerk. Clicking on any of them will then give you a list of items in that record series.

Child Support

Child Support Payments and Links

The Indiana Child Support Payments functions of the Clerk are defined in IC 33-32-4.  A statewide Indiana support enforcement tracking system (ISETS) is used for the collection, disbursement, and distribution of child support payments established by the Department of Child Services.  Below are helpful links to access processes related to ISETS as well as forms and guidelines pertaining to child support in Indiana.

Current Election Information



2019 Official Primary Election Results



8 of 8 Vote Centers Reported








Vote Center Reporting Status


Flintwood Wesleyan Church REPORTED
St. John's Masonic Lodge REPORTED
Grace Lutheran Church REPORTED
Donner Center REPORTED
Bible Church of Columbus REPORTED
The Commons REPORTED
German American Bank REPORTED
Terrace Lake Church REPORTED







historial results





Candidate Information


Current Filings



candidate forms


Campaign Finance


 campaign finance reports


Voter Registration Information




Indiana Voters


Vote Centers

2019 Vote Center Locations

Vote Center Locations for 2019 Municipal Election

Satellite Locations:

County Courthouse - Absentee Voting begins October 8th (Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) and
ends on November 4th at noon. Saturdays (October 26th & November 2nd) 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Donner Center (Back entrance 19th & Sycamore) - Monday-Friday (October 28th – November 1st) 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday (November 2nd) 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

2019 Vote Centers

 Election Day Sites: November 5th 6am-6pm

1. Flintwood Wesleyan Church, 5300 25th St, Columbus, IN 47203

2. St. John's Masonic Lodge, 4131 Rocky Ford Rd., Columbus, IN 47203

3. Grace Lutheran Church, 3201 Central Ave., Columbus, IN  47203

4. Donner Center, 739 22nd St., Columbus, IN 47201

5. Bible Church of Columbus, 3010 Tenth Street Columbus, IN 47201

6. The Commons, 300 Washington St., Columbus, IN 47201

7.German American Bank, 2310 W. Jonathan Moore Pike, Columbus, IN 47201 (West side location)

8. Terrace Lake Church, 4260 W. 200 S., Columbus, IN 47201



Look Up Hearing

Pay Traffic Ticket

Click here to pay online! ----------> https://public.courts.in.gov/pay/


Declaratory Judgement - For Unrecorded Marriage License ONLY

Pro Se Appearance Form [Not SM claims] (265 downloads) Popular #
Petition for Waiver of Filing Fees (295 downloads) Popular #
Petition for Declaratory Judgment (298 downloads) Popular #
Order for Waiver of Filing Fees (276 downloads) Popular #
Order for Declaratory Judgment (292 downloads) Popular #


Legal Documents

Summons (1532 downloads) Popular #
Subpoena (1293 downloads) Popular #
Small Claims Appearance Individual Form (499 downloads) Popular #
Guardianship Registry Information Sheet 1 (746 downloads) Popular #
Court Costs and Fees by Case Type July 1 2018 (391 downloads) Popular #

Notice of Local Rule Ammendments

Notice Order Approving Amendment of Local Rules (1248 downloads) Popular #
Notice Bartholomew County Proposed Local Rule Amendments (1342 downloads) Popular #
Bartholomew Local Rule Proposed Amendments (2351 downloads) Popular #
Bartholomew County Indiana Local Court Rules (1846 downloads) Popular #

Notice of Issuance of Order or Opinion

Rules of Professional Conduct (1080 downloads) Popular #
Rules for Criminal Procedure (1074 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Tax Court Rules (987 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Rules of Appellate Amendments (1071 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Rules for Trial Procedure (1076 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Rules for Trial De Novo (983 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Rules for Small Claims (997 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Rules for EFile (1188 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Procedure for Post Conviction Remedies (946 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Procedure for Original Action (926 downloads) Popular #
Indiana Jury Rules (976 downloads) Popular #
Admission Description (997 downloads) Popular #

Public Information Request



Access to Public Records Act I.C. 5-14-3


Attention:  This request form can only be used if you are able to provide a cause or case

number, and the information requested is an electronic document in the case that can be emailed to the requesting individual.


The clerk’s office staff will fill this request and email it

to you within 7 business days.


Genealogy Search & Background Checks


Genealogy Search & Back Ground Checks






-        MYCASE.IN.GOV (back ground checks, etc…): or https://public.courts.in.gov/mycase/#/vw/Search

        * Civil & Criminal Case Search by CASE # or NAME (list first & last name only, enter)

-        Indiana State Archives: 6440 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN  46219; (317)591-5220

        * Bartholomew County has older Probate, Criminal, Civil & Misc. Order Books stored at this site.

        * Email: (to go and view books)

-        Indiana State Library: http://www.in.gov/library/databases.htm

        * 315 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

                     *Marriage License, Cemetery Locator, Newspapers, etc…

                     *A Marriage license issued in Bartholomew County, is available through the

                       Clerk’s office (234 Washington St., Columbus, IN or 812/379-1600).

-        Bartholomew County Public Library: https://www.mybcpl.org

        * Resources tab, click on Genealogy Resources

        * 536 5th St, Columbus, IN 47201 (812) 379-1255

-         Bartholomew County Archives: 234 Washington St, Columbus, IN; 812/379-1503; Hours: Vary

     Appointments can be made by phone or visiting http://www.bartholomew.in.gov/archives.html

        * Records available to the public: Deeds, Estates, Circuit Court, Probate, State, Common Plea, Cemetery Records

        * April 9, 2018