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The Assessor is an elected position and serves a four (4) year term.  This official must meet the qualifications prescribed by IC 3-8-1-23. The primary duties of the Assessor are to certify the assessed values to the Auditor IC 6-1.1-4-24, serve as the secretary of the county property tax board of appeals IC 6-1.1-28-1, and equalize assessments.  The full list of specific duties of the Assessor are defined in IC 36-2-15.


Mission Statement

To ensure that all assessments of both real and personal property are accurate and that the assessed values are calculated according to state regulations.



Chief Deputy: Rita Carr

Corrections of Real Estate: Diana Fear

Business/Farm, Personal Property Inheritance, Mobile Homes: Marsha Otte; Marilyn Waltz

Sales Disclosures, Transfer: Molly Ebert, Jennifer Johnson

Field: DeWayne Hines

Part-time: Bob Blessing


Public Resources

Assessor's Office




Notice of Assessment